Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Oh! Wind! Come to Papa!


It is not difficult, or easy to train to be a paragliding pilot. First of all, one must have interest in sports; any sports. That's basic. Secondly, he or she must enjoy out-door activities. Gliders must be both mentally and physically fit. It's like playing with kite. Except this one is a very-very big kite! To be a paragliding pilot, the Kelab Luncur Udara Kinabalu (KLUK) the official gliding club of Sabah, requires interested participants to have a basic two weeks training. The final few days will be conducted in Ranau (those not familiar with Ranau; is a town very close to Mount Kinabalu). After the KLUK instructor is satisfied, the participants will be given a certificate TO FLY SOLO; NOT TO BE A TANDEM PILOT! After getting his/her certificate, one must get his/her own glider wing and harness to fly solo.

  I can give you a few tips. See the picture above? That's me doing the "walling" or "kiting". Remember when we were kids, how we play kite? It has the same principle, to catch the wind for the purpose of creating lift.

The above picture is call a "launch". Unlike small kite, we cannot simply run to create the lift. We have to wait for a slightly strong wind. Don't worry. This sort of training will not drag you upward. This is the basic training that students of gliding must master before they could start jumping down a hill. 

Once you master the walling and launching, then the instructor will led you jump downhill. BUT the above one is Kokol Hill. Too high! and too complicated for new flyers! You have to start with a very low hill, at the Take Off Base Two in Lohan, Ranau. 

Ah! This is the one! Ranau Take Off Base Two! Here is where the beginner make their first jump!

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Paragliding in Sabah

I am sharing back my cousin's article back from January 2015 when I first met him. My cousin is Donald Peter and he could be contacted at donaldrosli@hotmail.com. His blog is TRAVEL LEISURE AND GOLF IN BORNEO (borneogl.blogspot.com). For those of you who wish to contact me, please see my Facebook Page CHRIS EXOTIC SPORTS or e-mail chrislammert@hotmail.com.


Sunday, 12 July 2015


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I heard many of my friends says that paragliding is sports ONLY MEANT for the brave at hearts and the thrill seekers. It's a very exclusive sports. X-Sports! Let me assure you all that this sports is for everybody. When you made your first step to jump, all you have to do is just let the pilot and the wing bring you flying. That's all. That is why its call TANDEM PARAGLIDING FLIGHT. It's just like following an airplane. Even those who want to fly solo, it is easy. But first you must learn and get your gliding license. That's a different story.

Everybody is scare to make the first jump. It's highly unusual if that person is not scared. That is why I keep telling my friends, they will miss the opportunity to see the world from above. So..... Feel free to contact me.


To see more pictures and videos, please log on or see my FACEBOOK CHRIS KOKOL. For inquiry please e-mail me at chrislammert@hotmail.com or call/apps me at 013-8645606 or donaldrosli@hotmail.com or call/apps him at 012-8214206

Paragliding into the valley of Ranau

First of all, I would like to thanks my cousin, Donald Peter, who has a very keen interest about paragliding, helping me with this blog. By the way, he has his own blog TRAVEL, LEISURE AND GOLF IN BORNEO (borneogl.blogspot.com).

Ok! Let start to business. Paragliding is very easy. I call it an "IDIOT PROOF SPORTS" because it can be handled by almost anyone including first-timer. The gliding wing is so obedient that it will always obey its master, the pilot. It is very safe, because of gravity. The wing will never flip upside-down because of the pilot and the harness weight pulling it down. Small problems do occur sometimes during take-off and landing but once in the air! Presto! Only God can upset us. Otherwise it will be a smooth ride with occasional bumps created by the thermal waves and gust of wind.

COME! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Give yourself a chance to SET YOURSELF FREE! And fly above the Kokol Ranch.

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